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Flared Spanish black dress 6-14


one size universal

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A – total length from the center of the neckline – 71 cm
B – armpit width without/after stretching – 29/50 cm x 2
C – waist width without/after stretching – 29/47 cm x 2
D – hip width – 51 cm x 2
E – sleeve length – 14 cm
F – sleeve width without/after stretching – 13/20 cm

An extremely impressive dress in Spanish style that will add girlish charm to any styling.

The flared cut highlights the legs, optically lengthening them, which affects the perception of the entire silhouette.

The sexy Spanish-style neckline, i.e. bare shoulders, looks stunning.

Bare shoulders and the collarbone line always add sex appeal, but always with class and good taste.

There is an elastic band sewn into the neckline that keeps the dress in the right place.

Wonderfully flared short sleeves also have an elastic band that holds them in place equally effectively,

so that you can feel at ease and comfortable.

Cut under the bust, it brilliantly highlights the breasts.

There is also an elastic band at the waist that will easily adjust to your needs.

If you want to know how fit they are, take a look at the dimensions.

You can wear the dress every day, but it is perfect for more elegant situations, such as weddings, communions or baptisms.

Choose stronger accessories, elegant shoes and a perfect, special occasion outfit is ready.

Black is a classic colour that suits any occasion

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