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Cocochoco Professional, Original brazilian keratin 100ml


This 100ml jar is sufficient for 1 treatment.

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Chocolate hair care therapy.

Complex Brazilian Keratin Strenghtening
CocoChoco Keratin is an advanced product that will transform damaged, chemically stressed hair into beautiful, straight, regenerated and shiny hair. Keratin balm, which is a substance of natural origin, was created from selected, organic ingredients, giving the hair a chance to return to its original state – natural and healthy appearance. CocoChoco keratin straightens and smoothes the hair without damaging its basic structure.

Keratin is based on cocoa extract. It contains polymers that protect against the heat of the straightener, as well as pure keratin hydrolyzate, vitamins, cocoa extract, collagen and a mixture of silicones. Keratin can be applied to all types of hair – especially those that are heavily damaged, broken and frizzy, which are regularly subjected to chemical hairdressing treatments (such as dyeing, bleaching, permanent etc.).

The process of applying the cosmetic to the hair lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours, after application, the keratin is pressed into the hair with a straightener at a temperature of about 230 ° C, which forces the product into the hair structure; moisturizes, nourishes and gives a shiny, smooth ‘finish’. The effects of the treatment are visible immediately after application – the hair regains its healthy, regenerated appearance – it becomes smooth and vital.

CocoChoco keratin compared to other products:

* contains the maximum amount of nutritious, rich ingredients
* it is used not only for straightening but also regenerating
* effectiveness confirmed by many opinions of satisfied customers
* does not contain harmful formaldehyde
* economical and easy to use.


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